Project Coordinator

Created at : 2017-11-14 12:29:11

The Project Coordinator is an integral member of the project team, responsible for interfacing, organizing and controlling project activities, under the direction of Project Manager (PM).


    1. Primarily responsible for co-ordination of activities / document flow / information flow across engineering / procurement / project management / finance functions of the company
    1. Perform administrative activities as requested by the project manager
    2. Assist the project manager and engineering manager in monitoring / tracking project activities and progress against the project baseline schedule to ensure smooth project execution (KPI)
    3. Compiling and analyzing data (mainly in Excel) related to the above coordination activities
    4. Assist the project manager with paperwork required for outward logistics such as Commercial Invoice, draft Packing list
    5. Work with the Project Manager in submitting invoices on time and assist in preparing / compiling supporting documents for invoices (KPI)
    6. Assist the PM / EM in preparing / updating the CSR and ESR respectively
    7. Maintain a proper filing system for all (non-engineering) project related documents (KPI)
    8. Work with the project manager and VP (Operations) to ensure that the project budget charter is approved on a timely manner for new purchase orders (KPI)
    1. Responsible to consolidate individual timesheet and prepare manhour reports showing actual hours charged to various projects and submit the same to Finance every month. (KPI)

Skills required:

  1. Microsoft Office Software (Word, Excel and PowerPoint as minimum)
  2. Effective analytical and problem-solving skills.

Experience & Qualifications:

  1. Degree / Diploma holder with 1-2 years’ experience in above mentioned activities in similar industry
  2. Engineering qualifications in particular telecom engineering and the telecom industry experience preferred.
  3. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, both verbally and in writing with superiors, colleagues, and individuals inside and outside the Company.
  4. Highly organized with good co-ordination and people skills
  5. Be able to multi-task work in a team with initiative
  6. Highly independent in coordinating tasks based activities
  7. Dynamic in communicating, handling and adopting to project changes
  1. Reporting to the project manager at the project level
  2. Reporting to the head of department for project controls and co-ordination at the office level

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